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Who is Amazin’ Graze?

Amazin’ Graze is an Asia purveyor of fun, yummy and healthy snacks. Our mission is straightforward: Let’s change the way we snack.

All our products are freshly baked on a daily basis at our central kitchen. They are hand-made and then sealed quickly to ensure freshness.

To ensure our snacks are healthy, we steer clear from refined sugars and salt, and also adopt the no artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring approach across all product ranges.  

What are your product ranges?

We offer a variety of delicious & healthy granolas (gluten-free options available), nut mixes, nut butters, and dehydrated fruits.

Where do you currently operate?

We currently have an Amazin’ presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. Our central kitchen and retail store is based in D7, Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Why is my New Grazer discount not working?

The New Grazer discount is for first-time orders only. To enjoy this discount, do remember to log in under your email address before applying the coupon code!

What is granola?

Granola is an oat-based cereal commonly eaten at breakfast or as a snack. Our granola contains rolled oats with nuts, fruits, and other superfoods baked into crunchy clusters – absolutely delicious!

How is my Amazin’ granola different from other breakfast cereals?

Amazin’ granolas are:

  1. Freshly baked weekly with no added preservatives
  2. Free of any refined sugar
  3. All-natural and free of any artificial additives
  4. Chock-full of yummy goodness in the form of nuts, fruits, and other superfoods

Are my Amazin’ Granolas customizable?

Amazin’ Granolas are customizable to a degree for orders of 10 packs and above.

Where do the ingredients in my Amazin’ products come from?

From all over the world! We source our ingredients with the aim of finding the best nutrition, quality, and prices. Our traditional oats come from Australia, while our gluten-free oats come from the USA. Our other ingredients come from other places like California, South Africa, Indonesia, and of course, Malaysia!

Are my Amazin’ products organic?

Amazin’ products are all natural and do contain some organic ingredients, but they are not certified organic. We aim to keep our products as affordable as possible, and research on organic eating has not demonstrated enough added benefits to justify the significant cost increase of going organic.

Are my Amazin’ products Halal?

All Amazin’ products are made in a facility that is free of any meat and alcohol. We are currently working on obtaining our Halal certification, so stay tuned!

What is bienetta?

Bienetta is a natural binding agent commonly used in German bakeries. It keeps our granolas in their characteristic crunchy clusters!

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, and some other grains. Gluten is responsible for the chewy texture of bread, cake, and other baked products.
Although only a very small percentage of people are truly allergic to gluten, some people choose to avoid gluten-containing products as they feel consuming gluten causes side effects like bloating, fatigue, and weight gain.

Are my Amazin’ products gluten-free?

We offer gluten-free varieties of our delicious granolas, which are made with gluten-free ingredients. Our nut mixes, fruits, and nut butters are naturally grain-free (and thus gluten-free too!).
However, all Amazin’ products may contain traces of gluten as they are manufactured in a facility that also processes other gluten-containing products.

What sweeteners go into my Amazin’ products?

Amazin’ products are free of refined sugar! They may be sweetened with organic molasses, honey, maple, Gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar), or Stevia.

What is the shelf life of my Amazin’ product?

Currently, Amazin’ products have a shelf life of about 4 months (remember, they are completely preservative-free!). However, we are currently undergoing laboratory analysis to verify if the products can last longer than the stated shelf life of 4 months.

Where can I find Amazin’ Graze products?

You can find our products online at www.amazingraze.co, or come visit us in person at our retail store in D7, Jalan Sentul!

Alternatively, we also stock the shelves at grocery stores, F&B outlets, fitness centers, and other retail stores. Click here to see some of our stockists!


Where do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide in Malaysia (both East and West Malaysia), Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai!

How much do you charge for deliveries?

West Malaysia

Deliveries are FREE for orders above RM50 and with delivery addresses in these postcodes (click to view list of postcodes).

All other order amounts and addresses will be shipped at a flat rate of RM6.50 (including GST) per delivery.

East Malaysia

Price of shipping depends on weight of of the order.


Deliveries are FREE islandwide for orders above SGD 35!

All other order amounts will be shipped at a flat rate of SGD 6.

Hong Kong

Deliveries are FREE nationwide for orders above HKD 200!
All other order amounts will be shipped at a flat rate of HKD 30.

United Arab Emirates (Dubai Only)

Deliveries are FREE in Dubai for orders above AED 100!
All other order amounts will be shipped at a flat rate of AED 15.

How long do deliveries take?

West & East Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong

We aim to deliver within 3-4 working days.

United Arab Emirates (Dubai Only)

We aim to deliver within 3-5 working days.

Who can I contact for my deliveries?

For all Malaysian orders with destinations within our free delivery zones:

Contact Ninjavan at:

Hotline – 01548480089

Email – support_my@ninjavan.co


For all other orders within Malaysia:

Email – my@amazingraze.co


For all orders within Singapore:

Email – sg@amazingraze.co


For all orders within Hong Kong:

Email – hk@amazingraze.co


For all orders within United Arab Emirates (Dubai):

Email – amy@amazingraze.co

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