Sweet Chilli Nut Mix

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Crunchy peanuts and buttery cashews coated in chilli and tomato paste, combined with popular Asian spice such as spring onions, onions and ginger. A sweet and savoury nut mix that will be a crowd please for any festive gatherings.


Peanuts, cashews, pepitas, spring onion, sweet chilli sauce, tomato paste, egg white powder, organic molasses, onion powder, ginger powder, cayenne powder, sea salt and apple cider vinegar

Nutrition Information


Store in a cool dry place and air-tight container for optimum produce freshness.

*May contain traces of gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, egg and dairy

Health Highlight

Eating cashews can lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. This may occur by reducing blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol levels. Other vitamins and minerals in nuts, like potassium, vitamins E and B6 and folic acid, also help to fight heart disease. Capsanthin is the main carotenoid in red chili peppers. It’s responsible for their red color, and often accounting for up to 50% of the total carotenoid content. Its powerful antioxidant properties act against cancer. Chili peppers are also very high in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and important for wound healing and immune function.
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