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What you get:
- ONE (1) CrossFit Class + RM100 off membership
- Get strong with an even stronger community.

Crossfit has revolutionised the way that people train by combining high intensity interval (HIIT) with functional movements - and we want you to try it for yourselves. CrossFit Pahlawan not only provides the incredible coaches to guide you on your CrossFit journey, but they also have a strong sense of community in their rooftop gym. We’ve partnered with them to provide you one (1) CrossFit class to experience it yourselves, and if you love the workout, you'll also get RM100 off membership.
IG: @crossfitpahlawan
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- ONE (1) Barre Class
- Strengthen, tone and improve your flexibility.

Barre is a ballet-inspired workout that combines Pilates and functional training for a bull body workout. A barre workout is sure to help you get sculpted, improve flexibility and improve your posture! On the fence about trying barre? We partnered with BARRE-D to provide you one (1) barre class to let you experience this for yourselves. Their studio offers the safest and most effective way to transform your body.
IG: @barre.dfit
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- ONE (1) F-HIIT Class
- Face the endurance of High Intensity Interval Training.

Take your training to the next level with ÉPIQUE+ which not only provides you with full fitness facilities under one roof but also a luxurious boutique fitness experience. With their incredible trainers, motivation never came so easy. HIIT workouts has become an extremely popular and fun way to burn fats, and that’s why we partnered with them to provide you one (1) F-HIIT class, guaranteed to get you fitter, stronger and faster.
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- ONE (1) Signature Class of your choice
- Work on healing your mind and body.

IG: @ohanajostudio
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- ONE (1) Boxing Class
- Encounter the benefits of boxing with a killer workout.

Visit their website here.

Anytime Fitness

What you get:
- Seven (7) Day Guest Passes
- Full access to an open gym and fitness classes

With helpful and friendly coaches & staff, Anytime Fitness is ready to help you on your fitness journey. They are open 24/7 and have thousands of convenient locations nationwide. We’ve partnered with them to provide you one (1) 7 Day Guest Pass, where you have full access to their open gym and fitness classes!
IG: @afmalaysia_
Visit their website here.


What you get:
-15% off SITEWIDE
- Sportswear to help you achieve your fitness goals.

ASICS has been developing sports wear for over 50 years, and has revolutionised the world of sports. All their footwear and activewear have been made in close collaboration with athletes, striving to create highly innovative products that customers can rely on. Their objective is to produce sports solutions and technologies to help consumers achieve their fitness goals.
IG: @asicsmalaysia
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- 30% off SITEWIDE
- Emphasize greatness from within with activewear.

FITGEAR offers premium workout essentials, at fair and honest prices. With the highest standards of activewear, they provide the perfect fit to suit all body types. Their priority is on how you look and feel in our products to emphasize that greatness starts from within.
IG: @fitgearactive
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- Receive high quality yet affordable flowers, hassle free.

FLOWER CHIMP is the expert in nationwide flower delivery, with the perfect bouquets and arrangements for every occasion. They always have the customers’ best interests at heart, and offer high quality flowers at affordable prices. With that in mind, they also do free shipping and same day delivery hassle-free.
IG: @flowerchimp
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- 50% off ONE (1) Regular Smoothie
- Rejuvenate and refresh with a nutrient-dense smoothie.

Introduced by Amazin’ Graze, Glow is a tropical smoothie bar that offers a wide range of smoothies, smoothie bowls and customisable yoghurt tubs to all busy urbanites on the go. Glow only uses real and natural ingredients to give you the best nutrient-dense smoothie that is high in antioxidant, complemented with nuts, seeds and superfoods.
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- RM10 off any ONE (1) Workshop
- Complete a therapeutic crafting experience.

HEROHAND aspire to create a therapeutic crafting experience, providing weekly workshops that focuses on your creativity and joy - eventually bringing back arts and crafts to this digital world. They strive to share the many underrated benefits of crafting towards mental health and emotional well-being to make a difference in the world.
IG: @herohandco
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- Fuel better with effective and clean nutrition.

Fuel better with LUSHPROTEIN, the leading fitness brand in Asia and the trusted source of premium and clean-formulated nutrition. They help you take charge of your fitness by providing effective and clean sports nutrition at an accessible price because they believe fitness nutrition should be accessible for everyone.
IG: @lushprotein
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- Let your skin achieve true and ever-lasting beauty.

NATTA COSME provides an incredible range of beauty products that not only beautifies you, but enhances your special features. They cater and accommodate to every need your skin might have, carefully selecting affordable and suitable products to let you achieve true and ever-lasting beauty.
IG: @nattacosme
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- 20% off any ONE (1) Class Package
- Start your pole fitness journey here.

POLE DANCE MOVEMENT is the studio to start your pole fitness journey. They cater for everyone, including beginners and intermediate classes to improve strength, flexibility and overall fitness. Their instructors will work closely with you, and their philosophy is that everyone learns at a different pace and should be proud of your own journey.
IG: @poledancemovement
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- 40% off ONE (1) Tote Bag
- Reduce your carbon footprint.

RE:HEALTH is a health and wellness space that brings you all the products that advocates for wellness in the mind, body and in your home. They also offer incredible classes and workshops for everyone. With their tote bag, you will receive a refuse & reuse card to win prizes and discounts to encourage you in reducing your carbon footprint.
IG: @myrehealth
Visit their website here.


What you get:
- 20% off any ONE (1) Services
- Treat yourselves post workout with a home mobile spa.

If you’ve been holding out on getting a post workout massage, we’ve got a really good reason for you to go for it now. SENTUH will give you the best experience you can have, all in the comfort of your own home. Now you can have the full experience of a home mobila spa, with incredible options of treatments to choose from with uncompromisable quality according to your budget.
Visit their website here.

Speak Skin Beauty

What you get:
- 15% off site-wide with a free sample

SPEAK was founded with the love of skincare. Their line of natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare (and clean packaging) are formulated with safe, bio-compatible ingredients to bring your skin back to its natural, optimum state. They also do a great reforestation program where RM1 from every product purchased will go toward planting trees in Indonesia.
Visit their website here.

Yoga Superfuel

What you get:
- 15% off site-wide with free shipping

YOGA SUPERFUEL makes the perfect pre or post workout snack, as their nutrient-packed cookies are free from gluten, trans fat and refined sugar. Inspired by yoga, they stand for the balance between great nutrition and taste, with their mission of restoring the world’s nutritional balance, one cookie at a time.
IG: @yogasuperfuel
Visit their website here.