Raya Without Borders

Let us deliver your wishes to someone far away but close to your heart

There are moments of Raya we all favour - gatherings with people you haven't met in a while, aroma of your favourite food, balik kampong excitement, and the lingering sound of Raya songs.

To help make distance closer despite the situation this year, we have curated 3 different Raya gift sets, catering to all MVPs of your life - your nenek, papak, abang, kak, and adiks. Each of these gift sets comes with a Raya card for you to write your personal messages to them.

We'll also pack your gifts in a nice box, and deliver your thoughts and wishes from your home and our kitchen, to the hand of your loved ones; all within 3 or 4 working days. Raya better together with someone special today!

Raya and Ramadan meals reimagined

Helping you and your loved ones to stay healthy this year with our healthy recipes.

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