Dear Grazer,

It has been three years we place our foot in the health snacks market, with presence now in seven countries and over 200 retailers.

Today, to celebrate this new milestone and to express our deepest gratitude from the bottom of our heart, we are presenting the New Amazin’ Graze. A brand new look, improved recipes and innovative flavours, the New Amazin’ Graze celebrates our Asian root with much pride.

Stay with us as we introduce a series of events and activities, because we believe in #eatingbettertogether.


The New Amazin' Graze


The New Amazin' Graze is now healthier and tastier with an improved taste profile celebrating Asian flavours.

With dairy removed, molasses replaced with coconut sugar as a healthier natural sweetener, you can now enjoy a dairy free and plant base product with confidence.


Featuring a bolder, confident, and vibrant look, the New Amazin' Graze highlights the innovative flavours of each products.

Proud of our Asian heritage, this can be seen in the tropical elements of our new look. We are here to inspire our community to live their dreams by eating better from changing the way we snack.

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Public Launch Event

22 Sep 2018
9am - 12pm

Join us to discover the New Amazin' Graze this Sep 22 @ Dojo KL.

We would love to meet you in person and take you on a tasty voyage of discovery through the brand new look and improved taste of your favourite snacks!

In this event, you'll get to meet our co-founders and community of grazers, and discover a day of amazin' bites, wellness, passion, and freedom. There will also be panel discussions where you'll get to meet the amazin' minds of local food entrepreneurs and extraordinaire spirits who live life to the fullest.