Merdeka Granola


Celebrate Merdeka this August with our new limited edition treat!  This tropical granola is inspired by the WHITE, RED, BLUE and YELLOW colours of the Malaysian national flag as represented by coconut chips, raspberries, acai berries and dried mangos!  Expect a creamy tropical zing when you crunch into this unique superfood concoction.

Try it with milk, soy, almond milk or greek yoghurt anytime of the day!

On sale until 31 August 2018 or while stocks last!

Weight: 250g



Traditional rolled oats, honey, raspberries, coconut chips, olive oil, dried mango, molasses, pumpkin seeds, almonds, organic chia seeds, açai powder, himalayan rock salt.

Health Benefits

Acai (ah-sigh-EE) berries are a grape-like superfruits native to the rainforests of South America. Acai berries are packed with antioxidants, amino acids, fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals making it a near perfect energising fruit. Acai has even higher percentage of antioxidants than blueberries and cranberries which is said to help prevent cancers and fight free radicals.

Nutrition Facts

Banana Bread Nutrition Facts Label

Additional information

Weight 260 g



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