Jubilee Apple Crumble Granola Bites

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Our classic fruity dessert transformed into chunky granola suitable as tasty snacks or breakfast.

Rolled oats, rice puffs, premium nuts and superfoods warmly coated with Christmas spices and apple sauce, 'tis a season to celebrate the classics we fond.


Traditional Rolled Oats, Apple Sauce, Rice Puff, Canola Oil, Pecans, Coconut Sugar, Almonds, Flax Seed, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Nutmeg, Sea Salt.

Nutrition Information


Store in a cool dry place and air-tight container for optimum produce freshness.

*May contain traces of gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, egg and dairy

Health Highlight

Our Jubilee Apple Crumble Granola Bites are rich in nuts and seeds that are packed with healthy (mono-unsaturated) fats, fibre, and protein to keep you felling full and energised throughout the day.

This snack is guaranteed to soothe your digestion as well due to the properties of nutmeg and the high concentration of pectin in apple sauce!
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